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To contact support, it is recommended for users to submit a support request. This allows M.E.P. CAD to prioritize support request based on priority levels set by the user.



Use the following instructions to submit a support request.


Click the following link to visit the AutoSPRINK Support page OR go to


Click the Contact Support button.





Enter your email, name, and company into the Submit a request form.

Note: You may also enter your phone number if applicable.


Click the Callback needed checkbox if you would like to receive a callback.





Select the program you are using in the Program drop-down menu.


Enter the version of the program you are using.

Note: You can find out what version of the program you are using in the About AutoSPRINK FAB dialog. To access the About AutoSPRINK FAB dialog, open the Help menu and click About AutoSPRINK FAB. Version information will appear under the text “AutoSPRINK FAB.”





Select a priority level from the drop-down menu.

Note: The priority level that is set will determine your position in the queue. It is very important to set the appropriate priority level.
Urgent priority indicates that a response is needed immediately. High priority indicates that a response is needed within an hour. Normal priority indicates a response is needed within a day and low priority indicates that the issue is not time sensitive.



Enter a subject and description.

Note: A detailed description that provides steps to reproduce the issue and describes the expected outcome will allow support to assist you in the most efficient way possible.


Click Add file or drop files here to add a file attachment.

Note: Images and CAD files are extremely useful for identifying and resolving user requests.





Click the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA checkbox to verify that you are a human.





Click Submit.

Note: Once the request is submitted, a message will appear at the top of the screen to inform users that the support ticket has been submitted successfully. You can monitor the status of a support ticket from your Zendesk activities.