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The AutoSPRINK FAB File menu allows access to the following functions and settings:


New File...: Creates a new document.

Open...: Opens an existing document.

Close: Closes the active document.

Save: Saves changes to the disk. FAB files are saved in .fab format. If this is the first time a user is saving a drawing, the Save dialog box will appear.

Save as: Accesses the Save As dialog box for saving changes to the current drawing to disk. This option allows users to save the drawing under a different file name or save it to a different location.

Export to ITF...: Allows users to export FAB files as Hydralist ITF files.

Export to ITF Custom...: Allows the user to transfer the stocklist material in an ITF file into their inventory system.

Export to FireList: This option creates a .job file that can be opened with Ferguson stocklisting software.

Export Welded Pipeline List: This option allows users to export the Welded Pipeline report as an Excel file.

Load Settings...: Allows users to open a specific document settings file.

Save Settings As...: Allows users to save document settings to disk.

Print Setup...:  Opens the Print dialog, which allows users to change the printer and printing options.

Stocklisting Reports...: Opens the Stock Listing Reports dialog, which allows users to generate report data.

Licensing...: Allows access to the Software Licensing dialog.

Exit: Closes AutoSPRINK FAB. The user is prompted to save before the program closes.