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Edit Database Entries and Import Cost

We have a way to Link your Alternate part numbers to the AutoSPRINK FAB database. It uses Hydralist numbers to do so. We have the AutoSPRINK database mapped to Hydralist or Legacy part numbers?

Unfortunately Hydralist has an open part number database. This allowed Hydralist users to change the part numbers and the result is fabricators have different Hydralist part numbers for a the same part. We can quickly see how many of your legacy part numbers match our legacy parts number with the Import cost button,

The legacy part numbers that match will be displayed in black text. Your unrecognized legacy part number will be shown in red text. We have different legacy numbers for the parts shown in Red.

Fear not my friend. We have the Link Parts feature to map an legacy number that don't match our legacy numbers.

This tool can be used to maintain basic pricing in AS FAB but it is not practical and not recommend. The true power of AS FAB is the Custom ITF export so we can get the stocklist material and quantities into you system for not just the latest and greatest pricing but also figure out a POJ for fabrication scheduling but also if loose material ie. Valves and Heads are on back order.