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Printing Options
Access: File: Stocklisting Reports...: Printing Options





Printing Options are set to a Paper Size of 4 x 2 for Specialized Label Printer by default. The Paper Size can be adjusted to 8½ x 11(10 Labels Per Page) in the Paper Size section of the Printing Options.

The Select Alternative Printer button opens the Print dialog where users can specify which printer the labels will be sent to, which pages will be printed, and the number of copies to print.

The Select reports which use the alternative printer button opens the Select Reports which use a Label Printer dialog. This dialog allows users to specify which reports are printed using the alternative printer by using Add and Add All buttons.

The Font section contains options to change the font type and size, and shows a preview of how the font will appear on printed reports

The Background Colors section allows users to choose how the background of a report will appear on printed reports.