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Barcode Scanner General Info
AutoSPRINK FAB barcode scanners have been programmed to be compatible with North Alabama Pipe (NAP) automatic welders. AutoSPRINK FAB Welded Branch Line Reports and Welded Labels both contain unencrypted type code 39 barcodes. Unfortunately, Hydralist barcodes are encrypted. Designers who utilize Hydralist barcodes will be limited to Hydralist barcode recognition. However, scanners received with NAP automatic welder purchases are typically unencrypted and capable of scanning AutoSPRINK FAB Labels.


Click here to download the Digital Scanner Quick Start Guide.


Click here to download the Specification Sheet.


Click here to see our Zebra Label Scanners recommended by us.


Barcode Scanner Setup Instructions


Insert the battery into the Barcode Scanner.


Plug in the power supply and charge the barcode scanner.

Note: The scanner automatically pairs to the cradle when the two are snapped together. There is no need to switch off the NAP welder.


Remove the HLF scanner USB cord and cover the end to avoid damage and keep free of weld dust debris.


Insert either the DS3500 or 3600 series USB cord for the cradle.


Remove the barcode scanner from the cradle.


Scan the Enter / Carriage return barcode for the correct series barcode scanner.


Scan an AutoSPRINK FAB barcode from the Welded Branch Line report or Welded Label report.


Select outlet positions 1-5 button on NAP screen.

Note: If there are more than five outlet positions on a piece of pipe, then scan the second AutoSPRINK barcode, and select the outlet positions 6-10 button on the NAP screen.





Recommended Zebra Label Scanners

For Best Results with AutoSPRINK FAB, we recommend the new Heavy-Duty Label scanner model Zebra DS3678.
Click here to view the Specification Sheet for this label scanner.

Where to Purchase:

1D Corded - $239.00 1D Cordless - $369.00

For additional options, we recommend:

Symbol DS3578, click here to view the Specification Sheet for this label scanner.
Symbol DS3408, purchase here.